Friday, August 24, 2012

Carry On

My little sister is going through a big time break up...and, oh, I can so relate.  It makes my heart hurt to think about her going through this.  I have so much anger in me right now.  Anger at her ex, anger that I can't make this easier for her.  She's still living with her ex, and will be for the next two weeks while she works out the length of her two week's notice and gathers her things together.

She had hoped to be able to put it off until the beginning of October, by which time my cousin's house purchase will have finalized and she will be able to move into the in-law quarters in my cousin's new house, but for the sake of her mental health she is coming home much sooner, and will be staying with my parents until she can move into my cousin's house.

I am so looking forward to having her home, having her around family who love her and will remind her that she is a good person, and strong and loving and wonderful person.  That she is not a failure, that she is where she is because sometimes life deals us hands we never saw coming, and that when someone blindsides you and knocks the wind out of you and you feel like you'll never be able to take a deep breath again for all the pain in your heart, those who love you, your family and your friends will help you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and try again.

For you, my sister.  Because you are loved and you are strong and smart and kind.  Carry on...