Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well...I guess he's good for something...

This one here is about and for the one person who inspires my poetry the way that no one else ever could. You know who you are. I guess as long as you're around I might as well get something out of the biggest fucking mistake I ever made.


Just when I thought I was free
and I'd given up on everything
you were supposed to be
I find myself waiting for the sun to rise
on this sleepless night that isn't mine

After I thought you had done your worst
and I'd gotten through somehow
I'm wide awake and wishing
it was me you were hurting now

That sweet girl whose heart you're breaking
deserves so much better
than to follow in my footsteps waiting
for you to be the man you should be
deserves more from you than this latest cruelty

Each day it becomes more clear that
I should have let you walk away
because my biggest regret in this life
is that I actually convinced you to stay

Monday, August 18, 2008

The New Annoyance

My newest annoyance, okay not really a new one, but one that's being really worked the last couple of days is this need to label everyone as the new...whatever. It's annoying enough when people talk about some irritating new fashion trend (boys...I'm begging you...enough with skin tigh stretchy pants and studded belts) is the new pink. It's far more annoying when we say someone is the new someone else. It trivializes whatever it is you're trying to complement them on by saying their acheivment is fleeting and nothing special.

It's also an insult to the person who was the "old pink." There isn't now, nor will there ever be a new Madonna, or a new U2. And the Miley Cyrus, bless her little over exposed soul, is not the new Britney Spears. Often the person we're trying to compare them to is perhaps an inspiration, or blazed some new trail that others will follow.

But, while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, it's neither new or groundbreaking. And that's what make the greats great.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Some Things

Some things must go unsaid
Unrequited love and unforgotten grief
Some things must be unremembered
Aching emptiness and numbing loss
And everyday it gets harder
To forget what once was all that mattered
Time has done nothing to dull this pain
It has healed nothing
I am still broken without you
Every day another reminder of words I never said
Of a girl I’d give anything to know again
What I see now is only half the story
Only half the person I was meant to be
You are still the focus
The center around which I have built the facade
Grief is my most relentless and constant companion
Thwarted by nothing
It gnaws away on the substance of who I was
Leaving only the rawness of exposed nerves
Each yearning towards the yesterday
I can't recapture
And the memories I can't surrender
Some things though left unsaid
Have the power to mold me
Into a shadow of my potential
And I'm still searching for the path
To relieve this relentless ache
Some things are everything

-Laura McConnell 08/09/08