Saturday, August 09, 2008

Some Things

Some things must go unsaid
Unrequited love and unforgotten grief
Some things must be unremembered
Aching emptiness and numbing loss
And everyday it gets harder
To forget what once was all that mattered
Time has done nothing to dull this pain
It has healed nothing
I am still broken without you
Every day another reminder of words I never said
Of a girl I’d give anything to know again
What I see now is only half the story
Only half the person I was meant to be
You are still the focus
The center around which I have built the facade
Grief is my most relentless and constant companion
Thwarted by nothing
It gnaws away on the substance of who I was
Leaving only the rawness of exposed nerves
Each yearning towards the yesterday
I can't recapture
And the memories I can't surrender
Some things though left unsaid
Have the power to mold me
Into a shadow of my potential
And I'm still searching for the path
To relieve this relentless ache
Some things are everything

-Laura McConnell 08/09/08

1 comment:

Lou Ann said...

As always, you made me cry