Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Really, Universe?

My poor midget...Type 1 Diabetes??? In the latest Lifetime movie of the week twist in my life, my sweet (haha, bad pun..) midget has been diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. We are in the hospital learning how to test blood sugars and give shots.

Thankfully, I tend to overreact rather than underreact, so I caught that something was wrong before she got seriously ill. Her numbers are high, and not at all under control and won't be for a few more weeks at least, but she's nowhere near as sick as she could be or as sick most kids are at diagnosis. She's the toughest, bravest, most amazing kid, and I'm so damn proud of her.

As a parent, it's damn important to trust that voice in the back of your head that says, "Hey, something's not right." Don't feel like a freak if you're worried about your kid and you want to get something checked out. It is so much better to be the neurotic Mom who worries too much than the Mom who wishes she'd listened to her gut...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Insomnia Plus Sick Kid Equals Bad Day...

I had great plans for today. Was going to do some baking, some cleaning and take some pictures. But between my own insomnia and the midget's coughing keeping her up all night, I'm having a very rough day. Everything hurts, I'm tired and swollen and basically having a crappy, crappy day.

Friday, April 09, 2010

This Grudge...

I'm finally going through all my old music and putting it on this computer...making ringtones for my new phone and I came across this song I haven't listened to in ages, but have always loved. Tonight, it strikes a deeper chord in me than I can ever remember. I wish I just knew how to let go and forgive. My anger may be justified but it's only serving to gnaw at my happiness, the throbbing ache that nags at the edges of my otherwise contented life...

"Who's still aching now/Who's tired of her own voice/Who's it weighing down/With no gift from time of said healing"

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

HNT...Please Excuse The Farmer's Tan...

The midget's softball season started a week and a half ago and I got a bit too much sun on my arms because it was the first really nice day we'd had in a long time, and I was too busy enjoying the sun to bother with pesky things like sunblock and umbrellas.

So, I know I missed a Thursday or two, but I have given it up...and here's this week picture. As you can see, I have exactly two skin colors to my name: white and red.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Thank You, Bloggess, For Saying It Better Than I Ever Could

Like so many people who believe in equality for all, I've been following the story of the girl whose school cancelled the prom rather than allow her to attend with her girlfriend. The latest chapter in this ugly, hate-filled saga can be found here.

Now, go read what The Bloggess has to say. And say a little prayer to whatever powers you believe in for all the gay kids without Constance's ability to believe in herself and face down the people who are showering her with hatred. You know that there are kids who are gay, who don't know it, or can't admit it yet, attending that school, and likely attending the other prom, and the scars they will bear from this will never leave them.

And then...if you have time or money and are looking for a worthy cause to support...go here. Gay teens are at a higher risk of suicide than any other demographic.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

As If She Wasn't Hot Enough Already...

Anna Paquin. Can I just say "Yowza!" and also, "Yum"? I love, love, love her. I'm more than mildly obsessed with True Blood, and for once, I actually like the Hollywood version of a character better than the book version of the character.

Then, today...I see this tweet from the utterly fabulous Mistress Matisse that Anna Paquin has come out as bisexual. Okay, seriously? Between her and her costar (and fiance) Stephen Moyer, I may not be able to watch without hyperventilating.

I'm sort of amazed at the announcement, especially as she's not been a media whore kind of celebrity, and being engaged to a MAN, she didn't really have to acknowledge her orientation, not that anyone has to, but it wasn't like she had to hide her relationship.

I can't think of anyone other celebrity, with the exception of Sandra Bernhardt, who has made an announcement that they were bisexual, and it makes me very happy indeed. I've discussed before the difficulties inherent in being bisexual, how you belong fully to neither the gay or straight communities, and how you hear a lot of "Make up your mind" or "It's just a phase" or "You're a slut" kind of nonsense when you identify as bisexual.