Friday, May 15, 2009

No More Spaghetti From A Packet

One of the best things about this new single life is the newfound food freedom. See, the exgirlfriend was not the adventurous type when it came to food. Basically, it was a rotation of spaghetti from one of those spice envelopes (blech), pork chops cooked the same old way every damn time, and tacos. Good food, food that was different and interesting was pretty much out of the question. It was always the same restaurant, the same dish. Very, very boring.

Since the break up, I've been doing much more cooking...less eating, thanks to all those icky emotion things, but more cooking. I've scoured the Archeogoddess' blog for all the yummy recipes she's shared, renewed my interest in Allrecipes and added a bunch of new recipes to my repertoire, much to the appreciation of the midget and my sister, who was kicked out of Canada and had no place else to go, so she's inhabiting my couch.

I've made Rogan Josh, scallop pasta with garlic butter sauce, and my new favorite, caramel pork chops with apples. I'm remembering how much fun it is to cook. You sort of lose interest when you have made the same thing so many times that you could make it in your sleep while standing on your head and reading War and Peace.

So, while I'm not looking to duplicate the Julie/Julia Project I am enjoying expanding my culinary horizons. This summer should provide all kinds of opportunities, what with barbecueing and whatnot.

I'm keeping track of all the good things about being single...having the bed to myself, no compromising on movies or listening to yet another boring work story about a bunch of white trash lunatics. But so far, the best thing about this single thing is actually enjoying eating what I cook.


PiNG aka Patti said...

So now I'm wondering if caramel pork chops with apples can be made here - considering that we have a tough time finding some ingredients for things!

Laura said...

You should have no problems at all finding the ingredients, based on my admittedly limited knowledge of Danish ingredient availability. But, it's an astonishingly simple recipe. Brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter and apples. Well and of course pork chops. So yummy....

Archaeogoddess said...

And you must check out Pioneer Woman, she's got the best recipes! - follow the cooking tab to the recipe section.

Yay to cooking good food! Yay to having happy people enjoy it!

PurestGreen said...

Stumbling through blogs on a Sunday afternoon and found yours. Hurrah for food adventures!

Swell Vegan has some good ones:

And if you want a challenge, there is always The Traveler's Lunchbox (her site is so pretty).

If you're really daring, look up some raw food dessert recipes. Raw Food. Dessert. Yes, it most certainly works.

Best wishes with all your experiments. :)

June said...

And I was thinking I will miss my single life of eating instant noodled and junk food! I will take inspiration from you and try to be a healthy, cooking, real food eating single. Well, the man is 7000 miles away, so my life is as single and single does.

Paula said...

You can check out my food blog at :