Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Control Freak

Okay, guys....hold onto the edge of your seats, it's confession time. I am a huge control freak. I like things my way and feel that it would be best for everyone if they just did what I told them to do. My therapist says this stems from my inability to control my crazy life as a child. My exes say it's annoying. I say it's just part of my charm.

Anyway, the point of that startling revelation is that I have found a way to channel my need for control in a way that is neither self destructive or a nuisance to those around me. I'm baking. I've immersed myself in all kinds of baking projects. I'm waiting for challah dough to rise as I type this and yesterday I made my own bread sticks and a few days before that I made dinner rolls.

Previously, I avoided any recipe that required yeast, because it seemed like a job that is much too fussy for me. But what I've discovered is that there is no reason to be afraid of yeast. It as actually quite easy to work with and I've had fabulous results. And while my aching hands occasionally protest and I think longingly of the beautiful stand mixer in my mom's kitchen, I really enjoy getting my hands in the dough and taking out of my anger and aggression in a harmless and productive way. I tell you, it's saved me years in prison, because I hear that's where you go when you throw bricks through windows.


Jessica said...

I also am a control freak. As is the husband. And unfortunately, baking does zero to help...because I suck at baking...and instead try to control the husband while he's performing said task...*sigh*

Lou Ann said...

Well, daughter, baking is one thing you didn't inherit from me! I KNOW you remember the hocky puck biskits, the lopsided, 20 pound rock hard cakes....granted, I am no baker; but I love the fact I did not pass this on to you...after all, who else can screw up bread in a breadmaker? Hope Cass gets your talent for baking!