Friday, April 08, 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late...

For a very important date...

Okay, I'm not late.

But I do have a date this week. Me...a date...a real life date. With a person I haven't even actually met in person, yet. It's not a big deal...just lunch to get acquainted and see if the interest we're feeling online translates into the real world.

I'm excited and nervous and terrified all at the same time. Which is just silly, because I am not looking for anything serious, I'm just looking for fun, a fling...someone to make me laugh and, and someone to have a conversation with about politics and religion and life and the world.

I've never been on an actual date. All of my previous romantic involvements were with people I'd known for a long time before we got involved, so I've never done the dating to get to know someone thing. And I'm not good at first time makes me very anxious to talk to people in real life. This date will involve taking a xanax, I'm sure. And I'll be obsessing about what to wear. What does one wear to a lunch date, anyway?

Aargh! Don't mind me, I'll just be hanging out in my closet freaking out!


Archaeogoddess said...

I would totally give you rocking advice here... except I've never been on a date with someone I didn't know already either.

I'm fairly sure it involves shaving your legs.

Good luck and knock 'em dead!

Anonymous said...

You will be fine. Anyone who doesn't think you are as awesome as we do isn't worth your time!

Good luck!