Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Still Miss Her....

Not the exgirlfriend, if that's what you though when you saw the title. I miss this girl:

It's been over two years since she went missing. Unfortunately her loss got overshadowed by the break up with the exgirlfriend. While I wouldn't so much as throw a cup of water on the exgirlfriend if she were on fire, I'd give nearly anything to have Cera back.

There are some losses you never get over.

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LouAnn said...

I remember when she went and the midget looked for days....Jenni even went looking...we got in touch with that lady who had dogs that found dogs and I believe the ex went one trip up the mountain. Cera was a very cool animal who had a great personality; friendly and loving. Your step-dad even liked her (and he doesn't generally like dogs). She will be missed by you and the midget but she was loved by you and the midget whole-heartedly.