Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It Isn't the Entree

So, I made the mistake of clicking on one of those "recommended" stories on Yahoo. I won't link to it, because it was lame and I don't like to share lameness. But, basically it was yet another story telling women just what is wrong with them that they are still single. straight girls actually believe this shit? That the reason they don't have fulfilling marriages with 2.1 childrena and picket fences and all of that crap is because they ordered a salad on their first date? Or because they didn't order a salad on a first date?

I'm single, for the first time since the summer after I graduated high school. And I'm actually beginning to really enjoy it. And realize why it was so damn necessary, but that's a whole other post. Now, I have no intention of being single for the rest of my life but I'll be damned if I'm going to try any of these "tricks" to find myself a decent partner.

First of all...finding someone isn't really all that hard. I know happily partnered people with all sorts of really big character flaws that would send me screaming in the other direction and I'm by no means the pickiest girl on the planet. (Honest self-observation or subtle dig at my exes? You decide.) The question isn't so much about finding "someone" as it seems to be about finding The One. You know, the one person in all the world that was created just for you, who will make up for the prom date that stood you up and the lover who stole your entire dvd collection.

The only problem with that little scenario...It just isn't that easy. You aren't going to find that person until you really know you. Because, while the drummer who broods mysteriously in the corner while laughing at your attempts to seduce them is exciting...exciting doesn't help when you are working out the details of a life together. If you're an intellectual who would rather spend an evening reading the latest issue of your favorite scientific journal while your partner would rather be watching a marathon of The Real's not going to work.

There just isn't any magic rule for being lucky when it comes to love. But, if you're reading books that tell you the reason you're alone has anything to do with your choice of entree on your first date, you're looking in the wrong direction.


June said...

No I dont think straight girls buy this crap. But then all of us, irrespective of which way we swing, want love and companionship. Thanks to that, there is a whole publication industry doling out crap.
But say, I was single for a long long long time- I may try internet dating or gasp! cosmopolitan and try out recommeded rules of attraction. As independant & self sufficient as I'd like to fancy myself, I find life a little better when I am in love.

Archaeogoddess said...

Any man, woman, or combination of the two who decides you are not worth dating based on your choice of entree is NOT WORTH DATING!!

And that should have been the point of that article.

Sheesh... choice of food... honestly!

(But then, OMG, aren't those hilarious articles to read anyway? Admit it, guilt pleasure. Anyone else? Show of hands! *hands up* Yup, it's right up there with "finding the perfect haircut for your face.")

Lou Ann said...

sad that females growing up in today's society have to be fed this crap...