Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Not Just Me

I've been laboring under the mistaken impression that I am the lone woman on the planet who doesn't want a relationship and has no desire to find a "mate." I have gotten such strange looks for saying things like..."I love you today, I loved you yesterday and I'm pretty sure I'm going to love you tomorrow...please don't ask for more."

I also used to get the weirdest looks when I told people that the exgirlfriend was not my best friend, that I have an amazing best friend who gets me and to whom I can tell anything and know that she will not judge me. She's like another piece of my soul. Not that I didn't love the exgirlfriend. I did. People would always say that I was being unfair to my girlfriend by having a best friend. Or people would assume that because I'm bisexual, the love I have for my best friend must be somehow romantic in nature. Which is just ridiculous.

Anyway..I never knew other women that had the same feeling. Until tonight when I read a fantastic post on Fuck Yeah, Motherhood and went "Holy Fuck! I'm not the only one."

This is the best part...Each word is something that resonates, that I could have written. I fucking love it!!

But it’s not enough. People want things that baffle me. Like girlfriends. And wives. And forever. I am now. I am “I love you”, not “I will always love you”. I am “I like being with you”, not “I’ll never leave you”. I am “Let’s go to the park today”, not “Let’s go to the Caribbean in March”. I am not a picket fence. I’m not even a key to your apartment. I am just me. I have seen always, forever, and never go south and I believe in only making promises I can keep. I don’t know if anyone will ever be able to accept my tiny bit of today without asking for a whole lot of tomorrow. That’s okay, though. I’m still sensational.


Lou Ann said...
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Lou Ann said...

I think you have it right, Dear One! Forever and always is such a loonnng time and may never come. I think you have your ducks in order when it comes to relationships and "love" And I think it works so very well for you....Not even Robert and I say forever or always to one another...we don't know how long life is and what will come tomorrow. If we did count on forever or always and something happened to one of us, we would never be able to move on. As far as your best friend goes - She is your Soulmate, for sure. Contrary to most poeple's beliefs, Soulmates does not mean lovers, or spouses or meant to have sex or any of that. A Soulmate is someone you "gets" you, who respects you, who accepts you unconditionally and truly truly loves you in the simple way a Soulmate does. And I am glad you found out that, no, you are NOT the only one who feels this way! I think if more of us felt the way you do, there wouldn't be dissent or discouragment or all the shit that goes on between people.....does this make sense?

fuck yeah, motherhood! said...

Thank you so much for loving on my post. I expected to write that and have a bunch of readers say "But what about the fairy tale?" Excitingly, that didn't happen. So glad to have met you!

Archaeogoddess said...

Now if only being your platonic-soulmate-for-maybe-not-forever-and-maybe-only-until-next-week-but-hell-that's-worked-for-almost-twenty-years came with a stipend so I could buy a fucking plane ticket... Miss your face.

Laura said...

Oh, when it comes to the Archaeogoddess...that's the time I'll use the word forever. And, fuck yeah, you deserve a stipend. Being my best friend isn't an easy task,but you make it look simple...I miss your face, too!!