Saturday, December 09, 2006

Gin and Tonics...

Have become the drink of choice of L,QofU. I mention this mainly for those of you who have read the "increasingly inaptly named" Hitchhiker's Trilogy. I don't imagine that it would interest you otherwise. Unless you are properly amazed by my spelling under the influence of four said beverages. In which case, you get me more than I ever realized possible, and probably deserve a medal for years of putting up with grammatical criticism (assuming that your name isn't Craig and that I haven't badgered you to the point that you've given me full access to your own blog allowing me to correct your spelling and grammatical errors. Although, two hours and a few glasses of water later, I'm beginning to question why Craig, probably the most often on the end of my literary criticisms, as of late doesn't deserve a medal).

So, today I had my pre-op appointment at Mercy San Juan. Pretty boring, except for the part where they weighed me. First time that I can recall ever being weighed in kilos. The upshot of this (aside from the astonishingly small number that I can't ever remember seeing on a scale read out while I stood on the scale) was that I have no idea what I actually weigh, because the only metric conversion that I even vaguely remember is the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit, which clearly has no bearing here.

There was also a lovely side trip to IHOP, where I consumed enough calories to feed a small African country for at least a week. I would feel guilty about this but for the fact you don't have to count any calories in any month that contains not only your birthday, but also Christmas and New Year's Eve.

I also had a huge epiphany about my relationship with Jamie today. The main reason that we have lasted for seven (very long for her, as I am a most difficult person to live with) years is that she remains the only person who will sit up until midnight with me, playing Yahtzee and singing along with, not just listening to, my Dixie Chicks DVD.

So, here I sit, more than a little drunk, at 1:00 AM listening to Journey all alone, because even Jamie has her limits.


j'me said...

this is because i can kick your ass at yahtzee and the chicks rock!!!

vcb said...

Aw! I love you guys and I miss you.

Mom in Canadian said...

2.2 kilos equals 5 pounds