Friday, February 16, 2007

New Additions to the Family...

We've added to the insanity!! Golem and Mr. Sprinkles, two young male rats, have decided to adopt us. The decision was met with mixed reactions from current family members. Cera, the three-legged wonder dog, is decidedly unhappy with the additions. She has spent much of her time staring hungrily at their cage and whining at them. Fat cat sisters, Thelma and Louise, are quite certain that we've gotten them tasty treats, and can't understand why we aren't letting them be eaten.

As for the human contingent, we're all quite happy with their silly rodent antics. Cassidy thinks they are the funniest, cutest little things she's ever seen. Pretty amazing, since the child refused to even hold a rat a few months ago, and now she's letting them nestle in her hair. In theory, the rats are hers, however, she's having a hard time getting me and Jamie to let go of one long enough for her to hold it.

We've spent a couple of days decorating their cage with rat friendly toys...a hammock, and tunnels and a rock...all of which were found in and around the house. I'd forgotten what fun it was to provide interesting diversions for their little rodent selves.

If I can figure it out, I'll post pictures of the menagerie, soon.

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Canada Mom said...

Not to mention the diversions for you guys! LOL