Friday, February 23, 2007

Okay...So No Pictures, Yet

But, I am offering an update. Dobby, a beautiful siamese rat, slightly older than Golem and Mr. Sprinkles has joined the melee. Despite being older and larger, Dobby is taking quite a bit of rodently abuse at the paws of Mr. Sprinkles. Whenever Dobby decides to leave the safety of the hammock for a much needed bit of broccoli or oyster, (yeah, okay, my rats eat better than I do) Mr. Sprinkles sits back and watches him intently, then as Dobby prepares to retreat to the hammock with his sustenance, Sprinkles leaps out of nowhere steals the tasty bit and runs off. Even if this means dropping whatever tasty treat Sprinkles already had in his hands.

Furthermore, Mr. Sprinkles has decided that, apparently, Dobby does not groom himself often or thoroughly enough. Now, Dobby is a clean rat, and if you know anything at all about rats, you know that even the most slovenly rats spend the greater part of their day grooming themselves. But, it's not enough for Sprinkles. He's taken to jumping on Dobby's head, holding him down and grooming him thoroughly and agressively and then sauntering off nonchalantly while Dobby stares after him in bafflment.

The cats have lost interest in the rats. Whether this is because they realize the ratties are "family" or that the food in their bowls is a lot easier to get at than the rats is open to debate. Cera, on the other hand, cannot let it go. Every time she comes back in from one of her jaunts, she runs straight to Cassidy's room only to discover, to her dismay, that the damn rats are still here. When the rats are out of their cage, she sits at the foot of whomever is holding the rat and licks her lips, much the way she does while waiting for a hot dog. She looks wolfishly cute while eyeing her new "brothers" and trying to figure out how to get them in her mouth.

Alright, I'm obsessed with my animals, it's true. But, in my defense, Cass is gone at school and Jamie's at work most of the day. I spend most of my time with the furbabies.


Erin said...

No need to apologize. Just know that I am wildly jealous that you have pets. I cannot until I'm a bit more settled. And without a pet I spend a lot of time talking to myself. Even in public, which is embarassing.

jess said...

My cats lick each other too. The big one (Boca) sneaks up behind and pounces on Rose. He sits on top of her and cleans those hard to reach places like the back of her head. At some point she fights back a bit and he goes scampering away. Both look a little confused for a second or two, then pretend nothing happened and start to clean themselves.