Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Charlie Bit Me

So...the other night, I spent ages and ages combing burrs out of Charlie's fur. He didn't like it...he really didn't like it. Now, usually when I comb him out, there's some growling on his part. Basically it's grumbling that lets me know he doesn't like what I'm doing. This time, however...he was super matted and despite my best efforts to not inflict any pain, there was a fair amount of tugging and hair pulling. And...the little fucker bit me.

He felt bad about it right away, and hung his head and everything...But...Charlie bit me. It was shocking. And slightly funny. Because I'm weird, and I maybe think a bit too much about our relationship, I couldn't get over the whole "Charlie bit me" thing...and it made me think of this video on Youtube that I saw a while back.


LouAnn said...

Aaahh poor Charlie! He probably DID feel bad...but I can't help thinking that, just like the other Charlie, he may have secretly been giggling (after all, he did warn you with the growls), glad to know no permanent damage (physcial or emotional) came out of this! lol

LouAnn said...

Wish I could have seen your face! lol Must have been quite similar to Charlie's brother! lol Knwing your relationship, I can surely imagine your face!!! Utter surprise and unbelief! lol

Wendy said...

Hi :)

I found your blog through Shannon's comments.

My daughter was dx with T1 5 years ago and celiac almost 2 years ago.

Nice to "meet" you!!!!